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Why choose 2tCloud?


As 2tCloud partner, you will be given your own online management portal where you can manage all your clients. On request, you can activate, configure and manage cloud services. Because the cloud services are provided automatically, their delivery will have minimal impact on your operational organization.


The 2tCloud platform is connected to prestigious suppliers of reliable cloud services. You can make immediate use of a growing number of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions without in-depth knowledge of all the services. It’s up to you which services you offer to your clients. We can provide commercial and technical support for this.


You retain your own client and invoicing relationships when you provide 2tCloud services. Monthly you will receive a single consolidated purchase invoice showing clearly which services you have sold to each client. 2tCloud’s invoicing module enables you to send your purchase invoices automatically to your clients by email, displaying your own logo and contact information.